Bamboo Amazon Tour

4 Days & 3 Nights Itinerary

4 Days & 3 Nights Bamboo Amazon Tour

Tour starts every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

What’s included?

– Welcome or Goodbye Cocktail

– Full transportation by private bus transport and engine canoe from Lago Agrio to Bamboo Lodge, during the tour and back to Lago Agrio

– Fully guided program with knowledgeable bilingual naturalist guide (english and spanish)

– Meals & drinks (breakfast, lunch & dinner (vegetarian or vegan meals possible) & drinks: water, coffee, tee, hot chocolate, lemonade/juice)

– Accommodation (as selcted)

– Rain poncho, life jacket & boots for the duration of the tour

Not included: US$10 per person contribution to the Siona community, transport from Quito (or other citys) to Lago Agrio, drinks from the bar


Standard room: US$290 per adult

Jungle Suite: US$390 per adult

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Day 1

  • 8 am Breakfast in Lago Agrio, leaving at 9.30am, 2 hours ride in a private bus to the Cuyabeno entrance.
  • First glimpse of the amazing flora and fauna of Cuyabeno during the 2 hours canoe ride down to Bamboo Lodge, your guide will provide information about the amazon rain forest and the Cuyabeno reserve and you get the first chance to spot monkeys, birds, anacondas and much more
  • Arrival at the Lodge at around 2 pm & lunch at the lodge
  • Paddling in our light canoes along the river and around the lagoon to look for pink dolphins and other wildlife, swim and enjoy the jungle sunset from the famous Laguna Grande
  • Exciting jungle night walk looking for insects, spiders, frogs & reptiles

Day 2

  • After breakfast you go for a 3 to 4 hours jungle day hike with your naturalist guide (bilingual) who will explain about rain forest ecosystems, wildlife and medicinal plants. Even through most of wildlife in Cuyabeno you will spot from the canoe, of course you can always get lucky to see monkeys, deer, wild pigs etc.
  • Lunch in Bamboo Lodge and some time to relax
  • In the afternoon you leave the lodge by canoe to spot more wildlife and explore different lagoons of the reserve, for the sunset you get another chance to enjoy the sunset and refresh at the Laguna Grande
  • At night you go cayman spotting by engine canoe: there are 3 different types of caymans in Cuyabeno, the largest one is the back cayman which grows up to 6 meters. You can also get lucky and spot boas & night birds

Day 3

  • Early morning birdwatching from the tower:  Spot some of the 500 different specious of birds living in Cuyabeno (with your guide)
  • After breakfast in the lodge you leave the lodge for a almost full day trip going deeper into the Cuyabeno forest, spotting more wildlife until you reach the Siona community
  • Visit the Siona indigenous community where a Siona woman will take you to harvest yuca and she will show you the process of making casave (yuca bread) – of course you are welcome to help and try it
  • Lunch provided by Bamboo Lodge at the community
  • A short walk at the Siona community to an amazing old Seiva tree
  • One of the Siona Shamans will explain about their shamanic tradition and beliefs (optional and only if a shaman is available)
  • Flexible: Swim and sunset at the Laguna Grande, depending on time you get back
  • Dinner at the lodge
  • After dinner you can go for another night walk or cayman spotting (coordinate with your group and guide)

Day 4

  • Early paddling tour at 5.30 am, get up early to get the chance to see new bird specious and other wildlife you have not seen yet
  • Breakfast at 8 am in the lodge
  • Departure back to the Cuyabeno entrance at 9.30 am – your last canoe ride on the Cuyabeno river
  • At the Cuyabeno entrance the private bus will wait for you and bring you back to Lago Agrio.
  • Arrival back in Lago Agrio around 2 pm
  • Lunch in Lago Agrio
  • Our shuttle can drop you off directly at the airport, at the bus terminal, or at the meeting point for the private transport

Important note: The order of activities can change according to weather conditions and organisation purposes.