About Us

Bamboo Lodge

About us

We are an Ecuadorian and German management with an excellent, passioned & experienced crew. We have the pleasure to work in one of the most beautiful areas of the amazon basin, in the heart of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in Ecuador.

We only accommodate up to 25 guests at the same time, like this we can insure excellent personal services for our guests. Our tours are guided by knowledgeable, bilingual (English, Spanish) naturalist guides with a real passion for the Amazon rain forest and especially for the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

Our goal is to provide an unforgettable amazon adventure for our guests, as well as responsible treatment of the environment  and cultural exchange between our guests and the local Siona community.

All this in order to raise awareness of conservation and protection of the amazon rain forest and for more sustainable development in the Amazon region.


The lodge is located 150m from the Laguna Grande, between Tierafirme forest (what means never floated forest) and forest floated by black waters (Igapó). The ecuator line is aprox. 250m from the Bamboo Lodge.

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve has one of the  highest biodiversities on earth, that means around the lodge you can find 167 different mammal specious such as monkeys, sloth & the pink river dolphin, reptiles like caymans & boas including the queen of the amazon, the anaconda, more then 500  specious of birds incl. macaws, toucans and the Harpy eagle, besides that different amphibians including the poison dart frogs, tree frogs and famous Suriname toad, more then 300 specious of fish (catalogued) and  countless specious of plants like lianas, fungus and trees with medicinal & traditional uses.

Why should you choose Bamboo Lodge?

If you are struggeling with the decision which lodge to choose to visit the amazon basin, here are some reasons why Bamboo Lodge is the best choice.



The lodge is build with bamboo, one of the most substainable materials on earth. 24h energy is provided by our solar panel system. All waters are treated with biodigerstors and tricameral systems.


Small Size

Bamboo Lodge is only for 25 guests at the time, so we can provide better and more personal service. We decided to keep it small because the experience we want to provide is all about the amazon rain forest and enjoying nature, not about mass tourism. 


Value for money

Best value for mony in Cuyabeno. We are not he cheapest among the lodges, but for the little more you pay you will get much more value: Better service, a crew paid fairly and over averrage, meals before and after the tour included, high quality guides and more.



We are located 150m from the Laguna Grande between Tierrafirme and Igapo Forest, the perfect spot to explore the Cuyabeno reserve and to spot wildlife. You can see different kind of  monkeys from the lodge almost every day. 


Love and passion

We have a real passion for the amazon rain forest – We love what we do! We are convinced that by sharing our love and passion for the rain forest with our guests, we can raise awareness of the importance to protect this beautiful paradise.


Community Support

We support the local Siona community and work with them closely. We donate school materials, chirstmas presents for children, first aid curses and much more. The community is hired for all canoe transports.

Our favorite guest comments

We received many more great comments we loved… A huge thanks to all of our guests for being part of Bamboo Lodge for some days. This are the kind of experiences we want our guests to have and why we absolutely love what we are doing.

The guide proved to be amazing. He could almost feel the presence of an animal nearby. After 10 minutes we met our first snake taking a sunbath on a branch. Everybody had missed it, but not our Willian. And for 3 hours our boat trip went on with Willian talking and spotting other snakes, birds, monkeys and even a sloth. 72 amazing hours in a beautiful surrounding with comfortable housing with a very kind and competent staff and Willian, who made our trip with his knowledge of the jungle to a unforgettable experience! Thank you Bamboo Lodge! It was lovely to be a part of you.”

Paul H. from The Netherlands

Our family of four spent 3 nights and 4 days at Bamboo Lodge. It was probably the best travel adventure experience of our lives. Miguel, our guide, was half university professor and half rugged adventurist. His immense knowledge, boundless energy, and passion for the Amazon rainforest made our trip go from great to a life changing experience. The food was also terrific, and Fabian, the boat driver, was next level. We saw caimans, sloths, lots of monkeys, anacondas, dolphins, many birds, boas, and lots of cool spiders and insects. Swimming in the lagoon each evening was so fun! The visit to the river community was fantastic too. I highly recommend Bamboo Lodge as a great small operation if you are wanting to visit the upper Amazon. “

Paul W. from Canada

The five days and four nights we spent in the Amazon forest at the bamboo eco lodge were better then we could’ve wished for. We booked the jungle suite which is definately worth the little extra money. We were three stories high in the trees, seeing monkeys and tucans around us from our bed and our balcony. On the paddle-canoe trips we saw many many animals and there was always enough time to hang around the animals and watch them behave naturally. Our guide, Condor, was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the rainforest and made sure we would do nothing to disturb the animals. Everything is very well organized, the food is amazing, the rooms are really clean and there are hardly any annoying musquitos or insects. You can swim in the lagoons during sunset, you can watch the most amazing sky full of stars.You will feel immersed in the nature, the sounds and animals are all around you. All in all, a big big recommendation.”

Hester H. from The Netherlands